I believe this site is the ideal platform for introducing myself, my insights, my family and the things I do. Since I’ve always enjoyed a wide variety of life experiences, this site includes a little bit of everything: writings, images, work samples and more. I hope you’ll find my content interesting and engaging; learn something fun and, hopefully, look at a few things differently. I’d love to hear from you - don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Top 10 Favorite Podcast

1.The School of Greatness 2. Robinhood Snacks 3. Joe Rogan Experience 4. On Purpose 5. 15 Minute Financial Advisor 6. Young Money 7. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah (Ears Edition) 8. Bigger Pockets Podcast 9. Bullet Proof Radio 10. Entrepreneurs on Fire I will eventually update each with summaries but in the mean time, shoot me a message and we can chat about them. #podcast #listen #learning

Top 10 Most Inspiring Books

Below are 10 books with a short summary made solely for myself to recall some points of the book. The books listed below are in no particular order. 1. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho Received this book from Alexis in 2016 but didn't read it til 2017. After reading the book some key takeaways are that a lot of people feel a calling to something unknown and sometimes travel the world in search of it, sometimes no search is needed because the thing you are searching for may be cl